The Big Do Not’s Of Online Dating

If you want to be successful with online dating, it is important that you understand the dynamics of the environment. As much as you would like to talk about yourself, it is important to demonstrate restraint when it comes to your profile and initial online conversations.

There are certain things that will enhance your online dating experience, while other factors that will keep your efforts unsuccessful. Make sure you know what the rules are before you begin engaging in the online dating scene.

Self love is a turn-off. Do not make your self-love obvious when you are filing out your profile. You do not want to write a book because people do not have the attention span to read each chapter of your life. You should definitely talk about yourself, but make sure that you keep it concise, engaging, and specific. The same theory applies when are emailing your online dating prospects. Chances are they are going to miss important details in the midst of the “fillers’ because they may zone out while reading everything.

Don’t unleash your sexual being. Whatever you do, do not initiate a sexual conversation. It is often a downward spiral that can get out of hand quickly. If you engage in sexual banter, the chances of you having a real date with this person decrease significantly. If you have already both talked about all of the naughty details, then what is left for your in-person meeting? The only possible outcome is a physical enactment of the online banter. If you are looking for a real date, save the sex talk for your in-person encounter.

Control your inner beast. Last, but certainly not least, you do not want to continually send IMs and e-mails to your online date. This can quickly scare the person away because you appear clingy, paranoid, and needy — all signs of a potential stalker. When you stay calm, confident, and collected, the online dates will pour in for you.