Questions to Ask on a First Date

First dates are designed to help you determine if there is enough chemistry to pursue a deeper relationship. It won’t help if you can’t think of anything to talk about. Even if you do find some conversation topics, you want to know a little more about that person by the time the date is over. Here are some simple questions you should try to casually ask on a first date.
Ambitions and Goals
If you are content where you are, there is no point in dating someone who wants to move to another country and start a business. It’s a good idea to find out these details on the first date. Of course, there is a difference between a dream and a plan, so keep this in mind.
You don’t need to dig in and find out how much money they bring home, but finding out what kind of career path they are on can help you determine compatibility. If you want someone who is stable but they keep flopping between jobs, this could be a sign that they aren’t ready for this responsibility. Also remember that many career paths will lead to people working at a variety of different places, so job hoPping isn’t always a bad sign if they stay in the same line of work.
Relationship Goals
If you are looking for people to casually date until you know for sure you’ve met the right person, and the person you are on a date with wants to settle down right away, you aren’t a good match. You don’t need to ask a million questions about kids and marriage, but get a general idea of where they want this to go. They will appreciate knowing what you are looking for as well.