Niche Or General Dating Sites?

When you begin your online dating endeavours, you are met with making choices about which dating communities to join. With the hundreds of dating sites available, it is important to find one that meets your individualized needs.

Do you have a dating niche?

Niche dating sites tend to have a focus in a particular interest. For example, there are different niche dating sites that focus on a particular ethnicity, such as Jewish singles or African-American singles.

Some cities have niche sites that are focused on community service or fighting poverty. People who are passionate about these causes can meet through these sites and share their common passions.

There are other sites that focus on the financial aspect of dating; some dating communities are specifically created for the beautiful woman and sugar daddy scenario, while other dating sites are only for people who earn an income of $100,000+ annually.

If you have a particular interest or dating preference, then a niche dating site may be right for you. If you could care less about the financial or ethnic background of your potential date, then general dating sites would fit your needs better.

General things come in big packages.

General dating sites, on the other hand, contain people of all different shapes, sizes, interests, orientations, financial and education levels.,, and are all popular general dating sites.

With a large membership population, there are tens of thousands of people whose profile you can review. The larger the dating population, the more likely you will find someone with whom you connect. The benefit of a general dating site is that it dramatically increases your options and opportunities.

The positive aspect to niche dating sites is that they require less “filtering” because they are already categorized by a particular preference. That is undoubtedly an excellent benefit in helping you find a date with similar interests.

However, with niche sites, there are certain disadvantages. Due to the fact the membership is not open to just anyone, your choices are limited. The member base is much smaller, and this can have a negative impact on the male to female ratio.

Variety is the spice of general dating sites.

General dating sites offer you the huge variety that niche sites cannot. For example, you may be a rocket scientist who is looking for your true love in a bikini model. This may not be a niche dating community that is available. However, with a general dating site, you can utilize their tools to narrow down the results to a perfect match for you. The options are much wider, and you have a greater pool from which to choose.

Depending upon your dating preferences and goals, either a niche or general site may be right for you. If you would like to be with someone with the same interests as you, then a niche site is your cup of tea. If you enjoy variety and like meeting different types of people, then a general site is right for you. The benefits and disadvantages of dating sites all depend upon what type of variety you want.