Interesting Subjects to Talk About on a Date

Finding conversation starters on a new date can be troublesome. You don’t want there to be a lag in the conversation. This continues to be important even after the first date. It’s a good idea to have some interesting topics in case the conversation starts to dwindle.
Music and Movies
These are always safe topics, but they can get boring pretty fast. To keep it interesting, refrain from the standard ‘what’s your favorite’ question. Instead, focus on specific aspects. Talk about your favorite feel good movies, the best guilty pleasure films you enjoy, and even the indie films that spoke to you. The same goes for music. Talk about different qualities you enjoy, swap your favorite songs with cow bells, etc. Keep it light and fun and you won’t have any problems.
Light Hearted Memories
Don’t get too deep with this, but you can share stories about favorite times from years past. Talk about your favorite winter sweater, and why it is. Funny family stories that you don’t thing will offend, and other things from the past that can be interesting. Avoid talking about anything emotional or potentially offensive.
Do you have hobbies that some may find unique? Play an instrument like the didgeridoo? These are great conversation ideas for dates. They reveal a little something about you, show some of your endearing quirks, and open the door for more conversation later on. Talk about any clubs or sports you are involved in, crafts you create, or movements you helped form. Just try to steer clear of religious or political discussions because these can lead to awkward moments and disagreements.