How To Move From Online Dating To The Dinner Table

With the thrilling and enchanting online conversations you have had with your potential love interest, the next step is meeting in person. Neither one of you seems to know how to initiate the next step. You are nervous because anyone in their right mind is going to be a nervous wreck. You are concerned about whether he will be what you expect, or vice-versa. He is still technically a stranger, and thus, there is always an element of danger. There are so many things running through your head that you almost want to close down the IM box and forget about the entire situation.

Just face it – you may have to prod for the next step.

If you are not comfortable asking outright when your dinner date will be, simply insinuate that the two of you should meet. You can use the line, “well, we’ve been talking for so long that I can’t wait to actually meet you.” This will illicit a response from him telling you that he also wants to meet. That can clear up any doubt you both had about the other person wanting to meet. Sometimes it can take a little more prodding, especially if he is a shy guy.

It’s time to hint about the rendezvous.

If he has said that he really wants to meet you, but has not initiated any additional details, then you can initiate conversation about things that you both like to do. For example, if you are a jazz lover and are going to a festival this weekend, you can mention it. Or, if you really enjoy Thai food, you can talk about the great restaurants in your area. These subtle hints may spur him into asking if you should go together, or it may give him the courage to find something interesting for the two of you to meet.

It’s a Hole in One!

He finally asked if you were free on Friday to have dinner! You now know that he really wants to meet you, but that he was simply nervous about bringing up the topic. A public restaurant is a great place for the two of you to meet. It will alleviate any worries regarding danger, but it will also provide a charming environment should your date go well.

Not until you actually both arrive at the restaurant will you officially have moved from the internet to the dinner table, but at this point, but at this point, you are certainly exploring the relationship at the next level.

Bon appetit!