How To Filter Out The Genuine Daters From The Online Scammers

Online dating can be a rewarding, entertaining, and enlightening experience. There are a great plethora of interesting, genuine, and highly datable people. However, at the same time, there are people on the online dating scene who are not honest when creating their profile and persona. In fact, online daters can become the victims of scams that are targeted toward the online dating industry.

These scammers will try to earn your trust by appearing to be legitimate people wanting to find a date. Knowing the difference between these scammers and a legitimate single person can be a very difficult task; therefore, it is important that you educate yourself on the scams and how they work.

Understand their devious ways

First, make note of where the person says they live. If you live in the United States, but the person lives in Nigeria, you may want to be cautious of this person’s intentions. The most notorious scam with online dating, as well as the internet in general, is the Nigerian 419 scam. In this scam, a person claims to need your assistance with some sort of crisis that has happened in his/her life. Usually they need to transport money to the United States, and if you help them, they will pay you. This is a complete scam, and if you are ever propositioned by someone such as this, you need to cut off all contact with them and report them to the dating service.

Be wary of the ones who are too patient

These scammers can be very patient, planting the perfect relationship seeds to scam you. They want to gain your trust by claiming they want to be romantically involved with you; in reality, they really want to take your money. On the other hand, there are other frauds who do not want your money, but they do want to get you through false pretences. Those are the cases in which you hear of a young girl meeting someone and never coming home. Either way, both scenarios are scams; one can ruin your bank account and the other can destroy your life.

Finding the real gems in online dating

It is good to exercise caution when online dating, but there are genuine people who are legitimately looking for true love. Unfortunately, the scammers and the murderers make it hard to be completely trusting; it is in everyone’s best interest to be cautious of every inquiry they receive in their inbox.

Be cautious of overly persistent people and those who are soliciting money. If you feel that they may be dangerous, then you need to report them to the dating service. Thus, you are saving another person from falling victim to the scammers.