Flirting Questions to Ask a Girl

There are a lot of flirting questions that you can ask a girl to get her attention. You will find that a lot of the time you will not know how to let a girl know that you are interested in her. Asking her questions that could be flirtatious or could easily turn into flirting can be a great way for you to show her your interest while getting to know her.


You will find that letting a girl know that you like how she smells is a great flirtatious comment. Ask her what perfume she is wearing. While you will more than likely have no idea what the perfume is that she responds with, it will show that you acknowledged that she smells good and has shown an interest in it.


Ask her what she likes to do, what her interests are. It can be here that you can partake in some flirtatious teasing whenever she begins to answer the questions, be risky and ask her if she’s ever been swinging. Just make sure that you don’t go too far and that you don’t lay it on too thick as this can end up annoying or offending her.


Asking a girl what she does for work is a great way for her to take charge of the conversation. Ask her if she likes what she does and what all she does there. You will find that whenever you let her talk about things she knows about while showing a genuine interest can be very sexy. Just don’t get where you’re only asking questions, talk a little yourself as well.