5 Great Inexpensive First Date Ideas

There are many great inexpensive first date ideas out there but many are limited to weather conditions and for this reason we have left out such suggestions.

The following ideas should be suitable at any time and are not sorted in any particular order as everyone has different preferences. Also, keep your date’s preferences in mind as well when coming up with a final selection:

1) Coffee – yes, a simple trip to a nice coffee shop can be an inexpensive first date and allows you to get to know the other person. Coffee shops often sell other goods as well so you can also grab a bite to eat. If your date is fond of sweets, seek a coffee shop that specializes in that for example.

2) Museum – this can often be inexpensive as well depending on the type of museum you attend. Since these often close earlier, you may have to go on the weekend if you’re only free at night during weekdays.

3) Factory/brewery tour – unless you live in a rural area, there’s probably a nearby factory of some sort (candy etc.) of interest nearby or a brewery for those who are fan of beer. They often have free or cheap samples at these tours.

4) Take a short class – there are many one-time classes that are short (1 to 3 hours at most) for all kinds of interesting topics, from art to physical activities. If you live in a big city or near one, there’s bound to be several available. Those that take place at community centers are often inexpensive so if you’re on a budget, seek those out in particular.

5) Stay at home – you can either cook instead of going out to eat or do a fun activity at home with your date that they might enjoy.

We hope these help you have a great date on a budget!