Getting Married

Eventually dating leads to marriage. As two persons date each other more and more, they come to have feelings that

Going Steady

When a boy and girl date only each other to the exclusion of anyone else, they are said to be

Sexual Relations Before Marriage

You may not be dating long before you meet up with the question: Why not go all the; way? Premarital

Expressing Affection

“Should I express affection on a date?” “Must I kiss a boy good night?” “How far should I go in

Falling In and Out of Love

Of course, you will fall in love. Falling in love is a part of dating. In fact, most young people

How to Say “No’

Everyone has to say “No” at times. Sometimes it’s easy, but most of the time it’s hard. Adults have to

Cars, Dates, and Families

Cars are often a cause of friction between young people and their families. Sometimes parents just don’t seem to real­ize

How Much Do Dates Cost?

As soon as you enter your teens you start to be concerned about money. For the first few years of

What to Do on a Date

“What shall we do tonight?” is a frequent question asked by dating couples. Teen-agers are always looking for some­thing to

Dating—How Often? How Late?

As soon as you begin to go out, you will face the question of how often and how late you